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​I accept the following insurance: Medicare B, Cigna, Anthem, BC/BS, Magellen (including Kaiser)

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Kent Olson MSW, LCSW

+1.6502888771  |  kent@kentolson.info

​I am sorry to say that I am in the process of  moving to  the Chico area.  I anticipate taking a few clients in February. I may not be taking insurance going forward.

​​​Some of the issues/ concerns that I may be able to help  you with:

    HIV/ AIDS        Grief/ Loss        Fear/ anxiety        Self Esteem

    Depression/mood problems     Most addictions     Long Term Recovery

    Trust                Loneliness         Men's Issues       

    Gay/Bisexual/questioning         Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

            MAILING ADDRESS POBOX 2761, MENLO PARK, CA. 94026
            PHONE 650 288-8771    kent@kentolson.info


Hello, my name is Kent Olson. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work (1990), and a License from the State of

California as a Clinical Social worker (1993).

In my 30 years in the field I've studied and used most of the various therapeutic trends, from "encounter therapy" and Transactional Analysis in 70's to the latest in brain science and "Evidence based" work coming out this year..

In my career I have worked in 2 residential drug/ alcohol treatment programs, 2 outpatient programs, Kaiser in/out patient, and a day treatment program in the tenderloin for people with AIDS.  Most recently I was team leader in a county wide program through  San Mateo mental health working with the counties most at risk homeless mentally ill, multi-diagnosed clients.
In 2011 I faced permanent disability but started seeing a few clients through my Zen teacher in San Francisco, and I

liked it. So I started a part time private practice in San Jose. I'm currently only seeing a very few people and I'm

enjoying my semi-retirement.